ARC Project Assistance

1. Resources:

Resources for your project development are linked here: ARC Performance Measures;                                                                           New York's Strategies for InvestmentRegional Economic Development Councils.

2. Pre-Application: 

To be considered for fiscal year 2018 ARC investment, a pre-application must be completed by 3pm July 12th, 2017.  To start your pre-application, Click here.  Please note, a letter of support from your County Planner is required with the pre-application.  If you have a project idea in Tompkins County and you think your program crosses County lines into a member-County, you must provide a letter of support from that County Planning Director with your pre-application.

3. Assistance:

STE recently hosted two workshops to review the application process, if you couldn't join us, please review the presentation here

4. Questions regarding match or your CFA before July 12:


In 2016, staff assisted 57 organizations & municipalities seeking project funding & reviewed 30 unique project proposals for 2017 ARC investment.  The Board recommended 5 projects to be funded in the amount of $534,550.